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Gas Cylinders



With our on-site services, we aim to provide yacht owners and operators with essential amenities and support that enhance their overall experience.


From comfortable accommodations to propane refills, storage options, our goal is to make your stay and operations as convenient and seamless as possible.

Accommodation JYS


JYS has a number of on-site apartments and local houses and villas available for short and long term rentals

Whether you need a place to stay for race crew, owners or guests, we can provide suitable accommodation to meet your needs.


JYS offers gas cylinders services in St. John's on a weekly basis for refills.  Our service schedule is as follows:

  • Gas ​refills are available once a week

  • On Wednesdays, we have the gas facilities available in our office by 10.00am.

  • The gas facilities will be back in our office later that day, typically around 4pm.  However, please note that it might not be in office until the following day.

  • We recommend calling in advance to check the timing of the ereturn of the gas facilities, as it could differ from the usual schedule.

Propane Refills  JYS
Storage facility


If your require a secure location to store belongings, equipment or supplies, our on-site and local storage facilities are available for your convenience.   

Our storage spaces are designed to accomodate various sizes and types of items, ensuring safekeeping until you need them.


Stay connected no matter where you are in the Caribbean with our local and Caribbean-wide SIM cards, available for purchase at our office. 

We understand that reliable communication is essential, especially when Wi-Fi is not readily accessible.  That's why our SIM cards offer a convenient and efficient solution to keep you and crew connected throughout  your journey.


SIM Cards
Notary Services


Our Notary services are available by appointment, providing convenient and reliable assistance for all your notarization needs.  Whether you require assistance for legal documents, contracts, affidavits, or any other official paperworks, we are here to help. 

Please call for available times.

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