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FAQ written in sand


  • Where do I find JYS?
    Location: Antigua Avenue, English Harbour Jane’s Yacht Services (JYS) is situated in the center of English Harbour, dedicated to making your stay in Antigua as hassle free and enjoyable as possible. Located on Antigua Avenue on the high road that runs parallel to Dockyard Drive. Please google us for location, otherwise: Venture up the hill opposite the Falmouth Harbour Marina Main gate, turn left and the 3rd house on the left.
  • What address can I use?
    You can use the following address to send packages and mail to our office in English Harbour. Your name and Yacht name c/o Jane’s Yacht Services English Harbour, Antigua Antigua & Barbuda WEST INDIES If the computerized system requires a street address and zip code: Your name and yacht name c/o Jane’s Yacht Services Antigua Avenue English Harbour Antigua & Barbuda 00000
  • How to send parts to Antigua?
    All packages for yachts are duty free. Our broker charges a clearance fee per consignment not per package so it is best to consolidate all your packages and have them sent down in one consignment with one Airway Bill Number. Customs in Antigua are extremely strict and monitor EVERYTHING that comes onto the island. If packages are labeled clearly ‘Documents with no commercial value’ they should not be detained in customs. If they are yacht spares, they will be detained. These packages will incur the brokerage fee but NO duties. We can expedite the clearance of packages that are detained in customs and if the paperwork is completed, they can meet the plane and clear the shipment same day. Shipments sent by sea to the Sea port take 3 days to clear if all goes well.
  • What Provision Service do you use?
    We don’t have a list or overview of provisions, as things on island change from day to day. We have a team of provisioners who source from all over the island and pick out the choice items only. We don’t import in from overseas but our local suppliers will bring in if we give them enough lead time. Our suppliers supply the 5 star hotels on the island and have been working with JYS for the last 17 years so are pretty knowledgeable of what the yachts need and the quality. If you do decide to get a shipment from overseas using your normal supplier then we can do the clearance and delivery at this end. If you want to send through a wish list, we will see what we can get and advise. Click here to contact our provisioning team with your enquiry
  • How do I clear into Antigua?
    We look forward to welcoming you to Antigua. All yacht pre-clearances are submitted online using Customs would prefer your pre clearance to be submitted 24 hours before arrival but if you can’t get that done, there are computers at customs to facilitate your clearance or JYS can clear your yacht in for you. Please contact us before you leave your current port
  • What day can I get my Gas refilled?
    If your gas cylinders need filling, please have them in our office before 10am WEDNESDAY and we will have them filled and back in our office around 4pm the same day. Please note: JYS offer a service of “delivering” private gas cylinders to the other side of the island once a week for refills. JYS acts purely as a delivery to and from the filling station. The refill station charges YOU for the size of the cylinder NOT the amount of gas put in. ie Top ups will be charged full price
  • Can I get an ENG1 in Antigua?
    Yes, there are one doctor on island that issues the MCA ENG1. Please email for contact details.
  • Where can I find office supplies?
    We have a small stationery display with general office supplies including photocopy paper, cartridges etc. If we do not have it in stock, you can place your order with us and we will have it within a day or two.


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