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Please email us an up-to-date resume, with a clear and current photograph. Bring a paper copy of your CV to your interview.


If you are a Chef, a 3-day sample menu reflecting different locations and your individual flair is required


Your resume should reflect all aspects of yourself. Employers are most interested in your ability to get on with others, work under pressure, perform in a subservient atmosphere and mainly that you have a proven track record of working hard. Sailing qualifications are sometimes of secondary importance, especially for the more junior positions.


You must be easily contactable and keep us updated with your status, you won't believe how many successful placements we have had because " you just happened to walk in at the right moment".


If you have not contacted us for two weeks, we will put you in a pending file. If we have not heard from you in a month, we will assume that you are employed and take you off the active list. If you become employed, please LET US KNOW.


Crew here on the island are often the ones who get first preference so if you are overseas and planning on coming to Antigua, please make contact so we can advise further.


Good Luck" We look forward to working with you.


Permanent or Temporary
Assigned to a Yacht
Medical Conditions
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